Prime AGE Defense Aims to Counter Effects of Aging

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I am one that is amazed by the way the body functions. Each system seeks a balance with all the other systems within the body. When one criteria changes in one system, whether it’s the concentration of an enzyme, the presence of a virus, or a slightly increased pH level, the system changes to adapt and thereby potentially affects other systems.

As someone with a chemical engineering background and one who has trained himself to analyze systems to determine the root causes of failures, I struggle to imagine the complexity of the biological systems that doctors and researchers study to determine root causes of health problems. As an aside, had I known of the existence of the kind of doctor that Dr. House is, a diagnostician, I may have chosen that as my career path instead of engineering.

Perhaps it’s my long-standing interest in medicine that has kept me in loose contact with the research breakthroughs and scientific accomplishments in the medical field. Whatever the reason, I was impressed with some of the latest evidence being discovered in the area of anti-aging.

Apparently there is something called Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs, that are being traced to a variety of health problems. Basically, the thought process goes something like this:
Aging is simply the accumulated change to the building blocks of life: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, even DNA. Our environment starts to make the changes to these building blocks as soon as we’re conceived, but the signs really present themselves after we reach puberty. After puberty, the aging discussion turns to biological age versus the chronological age. The two ages begin to differ based on thing like our diets (whether we eat whole foods, fiber, excess processed foods, the hormones and chemicals present in what we eat, and even the serving size) and our lifestyles (whether we smoke, drink, exercise, sleep, have excessive sun exposure, or are subject to chronic stress). Eat poorly and live hard, your biological age will be much greater than your chronological age. We know this empirically; just look around: chronic tanners’ skin turns rough, smokers’ skin loses its collagen, etc.

The questions up to now have been why and what can we do about it?

The answers up to now have been to eat and live well, and/or supplement with things like a strong anti-oxidant, multi-vitamin, and omega 3’s.

Eating well has become more difficult with all the hormones that are pumped into our foods these days. Even organic-corn-fed open-range-bred chicken gets old after a while.

It seems the more recent research would indicate that even the recommended supplementation regimens are addressing the wrong area of the body. As I mentioned earlier, if one system suffers, they all potentially suffer. Well, up to now, supplementation attempted to pull the affected system back to health by pulling the secondary systems back to health.

The new research on AGEs has identified many health problems to be related to the aging process. Things like diabetes and heart disease may be able to be addressed by attempting to support the endocrine system. At the same time, the loss of collagen may be prevented, keeping our appearance healthy as we age.

Such are the claims for a new product from Market America: Prime AGE Defense. The list of benefits is impressive. Anyone who knows someone concerned about the way they will age over the next few decades should certainly investigate this for themselves. I, for one, am eager to “recalibrate” my biological systems.

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