Effectively Perceiving Butterflies and the Methods that Catch Them

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Something’s been itching at me the last few weeks, ever since I got back from Chicago for the nutraMetrix training there. One of the trainers had mentioned a reticulating sensor (no, I’m not 100% sure that’s the word she used) that we have that will cause us to see doctors and their offices everywhere we go as a result of our training. This is the same sensory appliance of sorts that our brains use to categorize everything in our lives and we typically become acutely aware of it only when we make a change in our lives. When you buy a new car, you’ll start to see that model everywhere you go. When you change your hairstyle, everyone suddenly seems to have the same.

This phenomenon got me thinking.

It’s fairly common knowledge that you can find support for any side of any argument in both the Bible and on the Internet. This is only possible because our sensor would be looking for the support.

The way I see it, it works with the behaviors of people, too. If someone screws up–even just minorly–at work and it gets picked up at the corporate rumor mill, everyone starts to look at that person’s activity through the prism of the rumors and starts to find falt in everything he does, even down to how he says "good morning."

The political ramifications are broad, too, but we see it happeneing in a practical sense with the way both Conservatives and Progressives become more resolved in their beliefs with every news story–even if it’s the same story! As for campaigning, some say that negative ads don’t work and maybe they’re correct, but if someone can campaign perpetually and constantly denigrate the other side (and have it make sense) without actually having a named candidate as an opponent, maybe even those skeptics would admit defeat.

I think it’s an interesting idea with many far-reaching applications. If nothing else, my hope is that someone’s sensors about sensors will be activated by reading this and they’ll start to wonder what notions they have throughout the day are only had because someone else set up their mind to think that way with another earlier comment. It’s all very Butterfly Effect-y.

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